The Hunting Lodge at White Oak Plantation

The Hunting Lodge at the
White Oak Plantation

The lodge at White Oak Plantation was created with hunting, functionality, comfort, and great food in mind. Accommodations include a commercial grade kitchen, 8 large bedrooms, each with 2 king-size beds and private restroom.

There is a large garage area which provides storage for all the tractors and heavy equipment required to maintain the over 400 acres of beautiful terrain. This is also a professional maintenance facility for all the equipment including all the all-terrain vehicles provided for hunting.

There are also walk-in refridgerators and freezers. A custom skinning area is provided complete with electric wenches, tools, and even a big screen HD TV to keep you informed as the bounty is readied for safe keeping.

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to book a hunt or gain more information about the plantation.

Comfortable Hunting Lodge Bedroom
Kitchen and Dining Room Mounted Deer Dining Room and Kitchen
Fireplace White Oak Plantation Entrance
White Oak Plantation Gate